My name is Axel LE COAT, and I’m currently studying a post-graduate degree in Video Game Management. Early, I was passionate about Video Games and I began to create mine at the age of twelve. Time passed by and I improved my programming skills. So naturally, I decided to go studying Computer Science after High School. The point was to have access to the tools and the knowledge to create games. However, I did not enjoy programming as much as game design, so after my diploma I began to study video games.

Like I said, I truly love game design, but I am also really curious and interested in a lot of things. I’m fond of painting, sculpting, cinema, photography, theater, writing and music and I like to try them all.

Like a Faust without Mephistopheles, I want knowledge and awareness.

Finally, I also love history, philosophy, science, drawing, languages and I want to know how all the things I talked about. Indeed, I seriously think that the best way to understand something is not only to learn it but to try it. Most of the time I learn by myself.

On this website you will be able to find every projects I made or those on which I am working. There is a whole bundle of cool creations, but mostly video games.

I hope you will find it interesting!