Save the Cat – The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need

images-2It is a really interesting book on how Screenplays are written in Hollywood. Blake Snyder, the author, explains to us that there are only 10 types of movies and any film you have ever seen can fit in one of those.

He teaches us the codes of every categories, the way of dividing your screenplay and how to write a « bad guy ».

With this book, we have a glimpse on Hollywood, allowing us to understand how things are running.

The Art Of Game Design – Jesse Schell

One of the most classic books in Game Design, defining what a game is by setting theimages basics on how it is made.

This an essential book for those who want to learn about game design.

Creative Games and Mechanics, Content and Technology – Morgan MacGuire & Odest Chadwicke Jenkins


Rules of Play – Game Design Fundamentals – Eric Zimmerman & Katie Salen

41lczh5r3hl-_sx258_bo1204203200_  Two complementary books about how to make a game and how things work.    images-1