In March,2016 I wrote a game design document inspired from a book I read. It was entitled « Childhood of a Leader » and written by Jean-Paul Sartre. Gameplays and game designs with meaning are something really important to me. I love video-game where game mechanics convey a lot of emotion in the way their develop.

In Egomet, which means « Myself » in Latin, the point was to change the player once the game ended. To have him thinking about who he truly is, who he first wanted to be and how could he be different.

The whole game is built like a massive « detective » game, in which the player has abilities and he have to find his way through the level. To find a possible way out, the player will use and will be subject to gameplay mechanics that have two reading level. One that shows the amusing part of the game and one with the true meaning of the game. Like a Disney actually.

You can read a French version here (English version incoming) : here