« La Reine Noire » (The Black Queen) is a project I started a year ago. It is a narrative game like a gamebook, such as Lone WolfAt first, the player has to choose three skills among eight, which will allow him to do specific actions or choose a way where he couldn’t go otherwise. The player also has an inventory, a health and a stamina bars. Once he levels up he can dispatch the points he earned in his skills.

The project is a non-Manichaean story where the player can’t die because he didn’t follow the path the writer wanted him to follow. There are a lot of ways to go through the game, each one is completely different. There are more features, like riddles. At some point of the tale, there is even a level design.

The game is divided in five parts. Currently, two of them are written and playable.


Tasks :

I create and develop this game by myself. Thus, I am the game designer, programmer, the story-teller and sound designer. For the graphics part, I currently use place-holders, but I am actually discussing with a confirmed graphic designer. Same for the musics.



Game  pre-alpha:

More chapters are coming. I am currently working on an upgrade of the architecture of the software in a more professional way with GameMaker.

You can download the pre-alpha here : Archive with the game