Light Before Birth

For my first year in Management of Innovative Video Game Projects, I have to work with a team of eight persons in order to create a video-game. Its name is « Light Before Birth » and its core theme is « The pre-natal theory » which says that a child’s future behavior is directly impacted by the nine months in his mother womb.

It’s a two-players game, in which one plays a interactive movie in the background, and the second plays a plateformer in the foreground.  The movie shows the relationship between the parents and how they deal with the mother’s fears. Those fears directly change the plateformer. The point is to symbolize how fear, stress, and other mental diseases can affect a future baby.

We had the chance to present the game during an Activision editoring comitee to Michaël Sportouch.

Tasks :

In my team there’s a Scrum Master/Manager, two Game Designers, a Level Designer, two Programmers, a Graphic Designer and Press Secretary. I’m personally in charge of the level design and the game design, but I’m mostly the lead programmer.

Last Version :

We have done yet the demo of the game which will soon be available online. We decided to have the nine chapters of the game playable, so the players can understand the aim of the story, and imagine what the whole game would look like.

You can download the demo here : Link to

You can see here some screenshots :