Synopsis :

At the end of one year of work, my three teammates and I finished a TableTop Role-Playing Game based on The Elder Scrolls from Bethesda Softworks. The game is mostly inspired by the last release of the saga :  Skyrim. We wrote a complete book of rules, along with lists of weapons, armors, bestiary, spells, smithing and alchemy.


We worked hard on the balance of the game, which has been improved by a lot of tests. The point was to made it violent and each specialization (among Warrior, Thief and Mage) got its own specialties. Those specializations were studied in order to be equally skilled.

The core gameplay :

At the beginning, the player has to choose among three class archetypes : Warrior, Thief or Mage. This first choice will impact on his skills and perks and thus change his way of playing or acting. Each player has twenty-four skills inherited from Skyrim, in which he’s free to distribute the points he earns as he levels up.

Those levels are won when the player has enough « win ». To gain a « win » he has to success the dice rolling.

The player will be able to loot numerous weapons and armors during his journey. He will also be able to cast spells, smith stuff, mix potions and earn skills.

The goal is to live an adventure created by the « Master of the game » and to doge the traps, solve the riddles, fight the monsters he will create. The « Master of the game » is the one in charge of designing quests and level, and to imagine a story.

Find the pdf on our website:

Tabletop RPG The Elder Scrolls (only available in french)

In Coming: 

-Translation of our Book of Rules.

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