This year, in October, I decided to create a YouTube channel about video games. With it, I want to convey a nobler vision of games. The videos I produce are for everyone, from the player to a person who never laid hand on a gamepad.

I made several types of videos. The first is « Art et Jeu-Vidéo » (Art and Video Game). The aim is to think about the link between art and video game, to ask ourselves « Is video game an art? », « What is art »?, « If video game is an art, how come? »…

The second is called « Aparté » (Aside). With it, I want to simplify the  vocabulary of the video game, like gameplay for example, for everybody to understand.

The third and currently the last is « Le cas… » (The case of…) in which I talk about a precise thing, a precise game designer or a precise game.



I try to publish one video per week or at least per two weeks.

To see the French channel : Papyrus

If you want to see the last video : here